About me


My name is Deborah Norman.  I started my healing journey 25 years ago   Over the years I have gathered as much information as humanly possible for the benefit of myself and family.

I feel blessed to have worked and trained with some of the most amazing and knowledgeable souls on the planet.

I began my journey with a well-known medium who trained me in healing myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as teaching me how to be a clear channel.  From there I went into Psychological Astrology full time for 4 years. Not long after I started this journey I also started my Metaphysical and spiritual development with Reverend Leigh Russell from the Bodhi Tree on the Gold Coast, which also lasted 4 years.

I gained great insight into myself while at the Bodhi Tree,  and trained in energy Healing, advanced Metaphysics, Spiritual Awareness and development, Psychic Readings, Psychometry Psychological Astrology, and medium work.

From there I went on to do a diploma in counselling Reiki 1-2-3 and Secheim1-2-3, crystal healings-and Kinesiology. A few years later I started my training in Strategic Intervention Life Coaching and Psychotherapy with Dr Cloe Madanas and Tony Robbins. Still wanting more I then started my training in the Liquid crystals and Theta healing.  It has certainly been an interesting journey on my quest to wholeness.  I am so grateful to be able to offer such a diverse range of services that bring results .