Reiki-Seckem-energy healing, hands on.

Our bodies are made up of energy-vibration-water and molecules.

There are so many different forms of healing that the physical-emotional-mental and etheric body respond to. The key is finding the right one to fit each energy type.
Over the years I have accumulated many forms of healing in order to attend to as many different souls as possible.
After learning basic energy and hands on healing 25 years-I felt unsatisfied. I knew there must be easier and more effective ways to get directly to the core or DNA in order to bring about change.
Since moving onto Reiki-Sekhem which I learned with my father who is a Master in Reiki-Sekhem and Egyptian Cartouche- I was still dis-satisfied.  It was not bringing the change I desired.

Theta Healing 

Then I was introduced to Theta healing

Theta healing is a form of quantum physics. This is where both client and practitioner are in a meditative state to ensure access into the subconscious so that limiting beliefs, and the core drivers feeding illness or bad feelings can be reprogrammed.
This is done by a connection to source energy and a quietened state of being.  I found that working with the subconscious on all levels was the surest way to make positive changes fast and ensure their effectiveness long term.  If you have long standing issues that control your life, leaving you feeling hopeless in a never-ending cycle of repeated sickness and drama then this is one of the fastest ways to bring them into the conscious mind for release and change. 

Theta healing can also assist in contract removal-cord cutting and relationship issues where souls are struggling with each other or resisting change. You are what you think.  Theta healing can assist in changing the thinking to change the outcome.


Crystals and healings

I have been working with crystals for years.  I completed my training in 2002 and have used crystals for balancing, protection, releasing and healing during hands on healings. 
Crystal healings are gentle bringing about change over time.
Crystals can give you a boost in energy, realign chakras and blocked energy centres. Assist in releasing old patterns of behaviour, assist with communication with self and higher realms. This is something you can continue at home with some understanding on which ones you need to use and when.