Psychological Astrology & Readings

I started my studies in Psychological Astrology and counselling full time from 1998-2004. Since then I have continued studies in this field and attend yearly classes. Psychological Astrology was developed by Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Dr Carl Jung. This concept is based on the Jungian principles, where metaphysics, self-responsibility and thoughts becoming Form are gelled with the concept of perfectly timed birth into the physical for the experience of greater consciousness.

I found that using this model as a base for analysing the core issues within us, were by far the fastest and most accurate I had used in years of studying the Psyche. Astrology itself is an amazing tool for pinpointing parts of the self that are hidden. This allows us to find the real issues through bypassing the ego, so that true healing can take place and forward movement attained.

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