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We are so glad that you have found this page. Why?  Because we offer a unique platform with the ability to learn and grow way past what you perceived was possible, if you are up to the challenge.

There are no accidents. When the student is ready, the teacher will show up.
There are so many souls in the world feeling stuck and confused about who they are and why they are here.  I know we can help you with that.

Did you know that we are living in the most exciting time ever. This is a time of evolution, where our past is no longer relevant to our present and our future is almost inconceivable due to its complex possibilities. We are far more than we were told.

We are consciousness with a field, where energy flows to and through us, we are the universe and the universe is within us.

What if I told you that your suffering, pain, perceived loss and struggle was merely a program!

A download imprinted on your cells through genetic predisposition while your mother was in her mother’s womb.

How would you feel if you could remove this distortion, remove the layers of untruths and get to the core of who you really are.

Would you step up and take that leap of faith, invest in your learning and dare to look within?

What would it feel like to discover that you can have everything you desire in its most highest creation instead of attracting everything you don’t want. 

You see, the deductive or emotional mind creates these results and is conditioned from before you were in the womb up until age 7.  We are like a camera, taking in everything and everyone else’s opinions then using them to base our life around.

This conditioning then creates a file in your subconscious. When you observe an event, you are not seeing the truth, you are seeing with your lens (eyes) then perceiving through the cells behind the eyes that are connected to your thinking. We perceive things from our conditioning, not how they really are.

This is why you are not getting, “your true desires”, your instructions are unconsciously creating what you don’t want and most of these perceptions are not yours.

As my mentor Tony Robbins says “Where focus goes, energy flows”

Most of us focus on the problem instead of the solution. By focusing on how to fix an issue you are focusing on that issue with emotion and this is what instructs the universe to bring you more of the same.

How do we stop this?  With study, learning about self.  Defining who we are based on our new paradigms not someone else’s. knowing what drives us while being able to see clearly the programming we have taken on without question.
Repetition, peeling away the layers and replacing them with conscious choices is how you reinvent yourself.

Would you love a life full of joy, abundance, freedom and wealth?

How amazing would it feel to be an expression of your highest potential without the pain and resistance you have previously experienced

In this education platform, we will be covering mindset, poverty consciousness, mindfulness, spirituality on all subjects, metaphysics, astrology, coaching, psychotherapy, strategies for change, exercises and challenges, meditations and goal setting.

This platform is the result of many years of study and change within myself.


You see I have BEEN where you are now. 

I was unconscious, I grew up with some very limiting paradigms and ideas around the world and where I fit into it. Most of my school life was lived in a dream as I was bounced around and bullied.

This program is what led me to 30 years of struggle, challenges, poor relationships, abuse, homelessness, illness and feelings of abandonment as I raised 5 children alone.

I have felt the pain of losing babies.  Being isolated. Penniless. I have suffered injuries and felt the depression and anger that kept me going around in this loop of hopelessness.

This was a cycle of one bad decision after another due to my paradigms, I was not in control, I was not thinking. Fight or Flight had taken over and that is where I stayed for many years unconsciously.

Did you know that when you become stressed, cortisol is released and within seconds you become unable to think your way out of a paper bag.
Your immune system is repressed for 5 hours after you feel stress as you believe and buy into this illusion.

Imagine attempting to problem solve with this going on in your body and mind on top of your already impaired judgement due to your belief’s and way of thinking.

When you are engulfed in this level of your own pain and suffering, you are not thinking, therefore you feel alone. The idea that others out there may be experiencing the exact feelings you are, is not even apparent to you. Its not possible to see out there when you are trapped inside yourself and your own misery. I know I have been there.

After years of training, I realized that, “the majority” of our soul brothers and sisters were struggling with the same pain, feelings, loss and isolation as I was.  It is due to this that we decided to put our hard work and new understanding into practice and create a platform that would incorporate all the different modalities I have studied for the past 25 years and use it to bring about the positive change I am now experiencing in my life.

We have been helping people just like you discover their truth and live in their highest potential for years.


But don’t just take our word for it

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 These are REAL results that

YOU CAN experience too.


As we train and grow, we realize that in order for all of us to evolve and blossom into our true potential, change must be made. One thing I learnt from my coaches over the years is that if I am not willing to invest in myself why would anyone else.

You see when we come from a poverty mindset or lack, we unconsciously create more of the same.

Once you decide to do something it is like sending out clear and precise instructions to the universe to find ways to bring that desire to you. This is where people mess up, they have it the wrong way around.


As Richard Branson says “When an opportunity for greatness comes knocking and you fear your ability to follow through, take that opportunity anyway then figure out the “how” later.


Don’t wait another day struggling and being unhappy. CHANGE can happen once you learn new ways to call the universe and have the tools you need to live an abundant life.


We invite you to join our VERY SPECIAL group and start your personal transformation today (all for a price of coffee!)


For the low introductory membership fee of $39.97/ per month you will receive:

  • Access into our education centre where you can interact with other like minded people.
  • You will never have to feel alone in your journey again as you learn and grow together.
  • You will get weekly information sheets, tasks to complete, meditations, blogs, astrology updates.
  • People to discuss and post your work with, and a once a week 15 minute to change training video


And as a special bonus for the first 3 people who register now, we will also gift you a 1 on 1 – 15 minute consultation. This is where we can discover where your personal blocks are and how to break through them.


There is a BETTER life awaiting you if you are

brave enough to take the first step.


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