Theta Healing

Theta Healing

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Theta healing combines Spirituality and Science using theta brain states alongside an intuitive connection to Source energy.  Unlike Reiki or hands-on healing, Theta connects with this Source energy and witnesses direct impact without it touching or going through the practitioner.  This way you can be sure that any healing sent from the universe is not interfered with or perceived through the mind and body of the practitioner.

DNA Theta healing is powerful and instant in its effect most of the time.  This form of healing can change the structure of your cells and DNA including the master Cell for maximum healing.

The client needs to be in a state of willingness to release old patterns and beliefs.  If there is any resistance by the soul then it may not take as well and need to be redone or the client may need some counselling or coaching, which is referred to as digging, to resolve the resistance first.

I combine Natal chart work to pinpoint the exact timing that any issue has been created and use strategic intervention life coaching and psychotherapy to support the client emotionally to ensure the release and souls understanding of why it created this